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Rings on Rings

As you guys can tell I love rings. I wear them all the time. This rings are my favorite. They are very unique to me. I love the marble one. Marble things are my thing right now.


I wake up to the sun hitting the orchids I have in my living room. I felt a beautiful peace when I saw this. It was a wake up call to wake up and get things done. It can be as simple as cleaning your closet out but as long as you wake up and start doing things. Your day can be so much productive.
Sunlight. 7 am

April is time to go away.

Want to be in your arms again. See you soon my Love. I need to buy my airplane ticket soon.

Mexico City

Mexico City has wonderful places to go to. This is Castillo De Chapultepec. It is beautiful. I highly recommend you guys to go. It's a workout to go up the castle but you'll make it.