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Love bird my bird

Hello there boots ❤️🐦
Her name is Boots. She's 12 years. She is very well loved by everyone in my family. One thing she will do is shut you up after 10 pm. Meaning you aré interrupting her sleep. We turn on the faucet and let the water run on the blender and she goes on top of the blender and starts to shower. She also gives kisses and if you kiss her back she spreads her wings. She is the best. I lover her so much

Casa Azul Frida Kahlo

I would say I feel trapped sometimes. I want to be free. I want to be free with you. Can I just have it all with you. I think love is really hard. and time will tell. Hopefully we both find the right paths even if they are seperated paths....

My life at this moment.

running is good, I need to do that everyday. But ever since I moved out I don't do it. I've been so stressed with work and paying the rent. I need to take time off and do meditation and start running every morning. Along with sleeping 8 hrs not 6. Goals

In the sun.

This day was lovely. The sun felt so good so warm. More days like this please. Guys with all this work and school I get so stressed. For me taking some time off is really nice. This year is going to be great I know it.

Love Love Love

to love someone so much...I'm in love & thats a bad thing a very bad thing... I love him. He changed my world. I thank God for this blessing. To know you will be with someone who loves you as much as you do. He is my soulmate. He knows it..

My fancy shoes.

Bracelet- David Yurman Jeans- Levis  Heels- YSL  This day was a Sunny day in Mexico with my boyfriend. We were heading out to a club around the city. I decided to wear this boots. We went in the metro, so you can imagine how much I walked. He had me all over the place walking around the city. Let me tell you. It went well. These YSL Boots are the best. I survived a night out without any blisters. Make sure ladies that for a long night out you must were heels you know are comfy. The night went will and we went to a club and dance the night away. 


I went to this beautiful lake in Mexico with my Love. It was a very wonderful experience. There's myths that if you go inside there's a mermaid who drowns all the men. So I did not let my boyfriend go. 😄 but there's cases where people have died. This lake has a thousand trees all around it, and the branches go deep. Some people get stuck and start to drown. Honestly it does not look dangerous. When I went there was so many people swimming. It's a beautifull lake and perfect to go to if you visit Mexico.

Flying is good for the soul

Okay I understand flying can be hectic when it comes to airports waiting in line for that check in. But once you get to your destination you feel a great vibe. Knowing it's time to explore new things nothing like the ordinary. You see I'm from LA so when I travel I get so happy. This year I plan on traveling more. I will keep you guys updated. My advice is to travel whenever you guys can. You don't have to be rich to travel just save up and buy the tickets when they are less expensive.